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Medical Madness

  • Medical textbooks

See how Matt saved more than $850 on his text books

Matt is a medical student, and like most medical students Matt spends more on textbooks in an average year than the GDP of some island nations. But this year, Matt said "No More", and decided to try something different. With a few smarts and some help from The Book List, Matt managed to find the cheapest medical textbooks around and more than halved the cost of his textbooks

Student? Think you pay too much for your textbooks? Well you've come to the right place, click through and save yourself an arm and a leg (well, if not us, we hope Matt can)

A Profound Passion

  • Old Books

Learn how Peter turned his expensive hobby from a tragedy into a comedy

Peter loves the classics, so much so, his book cases creak under the weight of his amazing collection of books (of which he added to at the rate of three a week) - but there was a slight problem, Peter's passion, was getting a wee bit too expensive to maintain. Thats when (so Peter tells us), The Booklist came to him in a dream (we probably think via Google). Which ever way Peter now saves about $1,200 a year - not to shabby eh!

Book lover too? Save on your passion by clicking through and seeing what you could be saving on your beloved books

The Parent Trap

How did Cathie reduce the cost of her childrens' school books by $480

Most parents of school children instinctively feel a sense of dread around a certain time of year - yes thats right, book buying time. Cathie knew the school distributed book list service (aka "The Shakedown") was overpriced, but she needed a solution that was cost effective, but also one that didn't involve hours comparing prices from online book stores. A friend told Cathie about The Booklist and voila - by using The Booklist, Cathie found the cheapest school book prices online and put $480 back into the ol' bank account!

Parent? Get the early retirement plan back on track by saving a small fortune when you buy you children's school and text books

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